AMC cancels 'Low Winter Sun'

By Kyle Johnson,

AMC has decided to cancel cop drama Low Winter Sun after only one low-rated season.

The network confirmed the cancellation news with Variety on Friday. The show was never able to keep much of an audience during its freshmen season, with the struggles getting worse with each new episode.

Low Winter Sun averaged only 2.5 million viewers for the premiere and went downhill from there despite having the extremely popular Breaking Bad as its lead-in show. The finale managed to attract less than a million viewers.

The show, adapted from the British miniseries, was about detectives who kill a dirty cop in their town of Detroit. Low Winter Sun starred Mark Strong and Lennie James.

With that cancellation, AMC has two less shows to bring back next season. The network, however, announced in November that it had two new shows it was interested in bringing to the screen, provided the network picks them up. The two potential series are Knifeman and Galyntine.

Rolin Jones wrote the pilot script for Knifeman, which might ease the pain of no longer writing for Low Winter Sun. The show is based off a biography of John Hunter during the 18th century.

Galyntime is a fantasy story, similar to NBC's Revolution, and is about people learning to survive without technology.

image: AMC


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