Amy Adams kissed Jennifer Lawrence and she liked it

By Jessica Rae Pulver-Adell,

Jennifer Lawrence is known for speaking her mind against controversy, so we're eager to hear what she has to say about Amy Adams' comments about the women sharing a kiss for the upcoming move American Hustle .

Adams opened up about being enthralled to work with another female actor, especially the illustrious Lawrence, saying that she enjoys working with women and the unique synergy that she and Lawrence had when working on the set. "There's an energy created when two young women go at each other, or are able to create intimacy," she said,Starpulse reports.

Adams gushed that Lawrence did a great job during the kissing scene and that "she has very soft lips. She's a really awesome woman."

The Huffington Post reports that last month Lawrence's co-star Josh Hutcherson from the Hunger Games series admitted that Lawrence has a wonderful way with kissing, saying "She's a great kisser-- so, yup, the bar is high!"

image: Wikimedia Commons


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