Animal rights activists campaign against camels at U.K. Christmas parade

By Jessica Rae Pulver-Adell,

An upcoming Christmas festival is enraging animal rights activist group Animal Defenders International, which claims that the three camels to be used during the Dec. 6 Christmas Wonderland Procession in South Shields in the U.K. will endanger the lives of attendees of the concession, as well as the camels themselves.

The Christmas Wonderland Procession is advertised as being ushered by "three wise men on camels," according to a press release posted at The Global Dispatch.

ADI CEO Jan Creamer stated, “Camels are easily stressed and crowds, transport and unfamiliar environments compromise their welfare. When stressed or aggravated, camels can become very dangerous and have been known to lift children from the ground and injure them. South Tyneside is no place for camels and the camel parade at the ‘Christmas Wonderland Procession’ has no place in a compassionate society. We urge South Tyneside Council to cancel its cruel camel parade.”

Camels are accustomed to residing in large herds, and have active social lives among their peers. The animals are primarily suited for arid environments, and any change in temperature or region can cause states of unprecedented fits and stress. Disgruntled camels are often known for harming small children.

A petition aiming for the end of the involvement of camels in the Christmas wonderland procession as already received 1,000 signatures.

Cruelty-Free Christmas heralding 350 supporters is planning a protest along the route of the Christmas Wonderland Procession, according to Shields Gazette.



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