Antarctica sets new record for coldest temperature, -135.8 degrees

By Kyle Johnson,

As winter storms hit the Northeast part of the country and drop the temperature to much lower than the normal, one can be glad that at least it isn't as cold as it is in Antarctica, which just set a new record.

Data from a NASA satellite shows that in East Antarctica it dropped to -135.8 degrees Fahrenheit, which is temperature that would hurt the breathe in, The Associated Press reports. While that data was recorded back in 2010; in July, the temperature got close to the record again at -135.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

While it might be the coldest recorded, because it was done using satellites, it won't make the Guinness Book of World Records, which want thermometers used, ice scientist Ted Scambos, of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, said.

The new record is "50 degrees colder than anything that has ever been seen in Alaska or Siberia or certainly North Dakota," Scambos added.

According to National Geographic, the previous record was -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit. That record is about where temperatures usually stay throughout the year. The coldest days tend to be clear as it prevents clouds from insulating the area.

The data was presented at the American Geophysical Union meeting on Tuesday in San Francisco.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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