Aron Ralston cleared of domestic violence charges

By Kyle Johnson,

Aron Ralston, who was the subject of the hit film 127 Hours, has had the domestic violence charges levied against him dropped.

A Denver court spokeswoman said that the city attorney had requested the charges be dropped, CBS News reports.

While Ralston might be free, his girlfriend, Vita Shannon, still has her charges to contend with. She had her attorney enter a not guilty plea. Shannon is also being charged with disturbing the peace.

"We're saddened that this would happen, evolve this way," Larry Ralston, Aron's father, said. "We're hopeful that things will work out." He noted that no one was hurt and that it was just an argument that got out of hand.

As previously reported, Ralston and his girlfriend were initially charged on Sunday with assault and "wrongs to minors." A police spokesperson had declined to provide further details at the time.

Police say that term "wrongs to minors" is used when children are around the incident, but not necessarily hurt. Ralston and Shannon's 8-week old child was in the room.

Ralston is best known for being the subject of the Danny Boyle film 127 Hours after he was forced to amputate his own arm after getting trapped by a boulder by himself in a Utah canyon.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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