Ashley Judd claims Wynonna put tracking device on her car

By Kyle Johnson,

Ashley Judd is accusing her sister Wynonna Judd of spying on her and putting a wireless tracking device on her car.

The accusations stem from an incident in November where Wynonna's daughter drover her aunt's car to a mechanic and had them look for a tracking device. According to TMZ, the police were called when a tracking device was actually located.

Ashley told police that it must be her sister, who the cops had trouble contacting for awhile. Through her lawyer, Wynonna reached out claiming a misunderstanding and that she was simply trying to track her daughter.

WENN reports that the issue between the sisters is a custody battle over Wynonna's daughter, who Ashley currently has custody of. The tracking device was linked to a private investigator that Wynonna supposedly hired and was put on Ashley's car since the daughter was known to use it to get around.

The father, ex-husband Arch Kelly, has claimed that he has had no part of the tracking device problem.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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