Australian eagle steals camera, takes selfie

By Kyle Johnson,

An eagle stole a camera that was being used to record crocodiles in Australia and the camera was recently found over 70 miles away from where it was originally snapped up.

According to The Associated Press, Wildlife rangers had long assumed the camera had simply fallen into the water, never figuring it had actually taken a long flight courtesy of a curious eagle. The camera managed to continue taking some video during the flight and of the eagle itself.

The rangers noted that they planned to bolt their cameras down from then on to prevent any future camera snatching.

Ranger Roneil Skeen spoke with ABC, noting, "A juvenile sea eagle came and took off with it and made three [recordings of] 30 second footage."

He said the Gooniyandi Indigenous Rangers got a call a few weeks after the camera went missing, saying that someone had found the camera upriver. The camera took video in the air and the eagle's wings can be seen flapping in and out of view. Then later it shows the eagle pecking the camera to see what it had grabbed.

Skeen added, "It was pretty cool."


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