‘Bachelor’ producer Elan Gale’s epic live-Tweeting of airplane altercation was a hoax

By Daniel S Levine,

Los Angeles-based television producer Elan Gale, who has worked on The Bachelor, recently got the Internet talking and a significant boost in Twitter followers with his live-tweeting of an altercation of an argument with a “Diane” on a flight on Thanksgiving. However, he has just revealed that the whole thing was just a hoax.

As previously reported, the elaborate joke included notes going back and forth between “Diane” and Gale, with every note being posted on his Twitter feed. Gale claimed that the US Airways flight was delayed and “Diane” began complaining about how she would miss her family.

“Dear Lady in 7A, it has come to my attention that today is your "Thanksgiving!" It must be hard to not be with your family! Please accept this glass of wine. It is a gift from me to you. Hopefully if you drink it, you won't be able to use your mouth to talk! Love, Elan,” the first note read.

“Diane” responded with her own note, in which she said the wine was not funny. She called him “an awful person with no compassion.” Gale responded with, “The person who lacks compassion is you. We all want to get home, particularly the nice men and women who fly your lazy ass around and serve you drinks.”

As the tweets went viral, Gale’s Twitter followers grew and he is now up to 176,000. Some didn’t think Gale was in the right position, especially after there was a rumor that this “Diane” had cancer. But it was all a fake.

THR notes that Gale sent the following tweets, confirming that “Diane” doesn’t exist. One even includes a picture of an empty chair.


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