The Beatles’ U.S. albums to be released in giant boxed set for 50th anniversary of first U.S. trip

By Daniel S Levine,

You didn’t think that Apple Records would let the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first trip to the U.S. go without releasing a big boxed set, did you? Of course the label wouldn’t. Today, it was confirmed that the label will be releasing a set of the original U.S. Capitol albums, so we get to listen to the songs in the same order our parents did and so our parents can reminisce about the magic of Meet The Beatles!.

Apple announced that The U.S. Albums will include all 13 albums that were exclusive to the U.S. from 1964 to 1970. The set will even include The Beatles’ Story, an audio documentary album released in 1964, and Hey Jude, a 1970 collection of loose tracks that didn’t appear on the Capitol albums. Each CD will include both mono and stereo mixes, except for Story and Hey Jude, which are only in stereo.

The key differences between these albums and the British releases that many are familiar with today is that the group did not have a say in the sequencing of tracks. Capitol also frequently built these albums around hit singles, which is why Yesterday...And Today is built around the hit “Yesterday.” The soundtrack albums for A Hard Day’s Night and Help! are also unique, since they include instrumental cues not on the British releases.

Some fans also appreciate some of the mixes Capitol concocted, particularly its more folk-oriented version of Rubber Soul.

Apple already has the set up for pre-order. The albums will also be released on CD individually on Jan. 21, in case you already have the original box sets with the first eight.

The albums in the set are Meet The Beatles!; The Beatles’ Second Album; A Hard Day’s Night; Something New; The Beatles’ Story; Beatles ‘65; The Early Beatles; Beatles VI; Help!; Rubber Soul; Yesterday...And Today; Revolver and Hey Jude.

It was also announced today that the group will receive the Grammy Livetime Achievement Award.

image: TheBeatles.com


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