Beyoncé's new album sells 80,000 copies in three hours

By Lola Odejobi,
Singer sells over 430,000 copies in over a day

Pop artist Beyoncé dropped her fifth self-titled album, Beyoncé, on Friday the 13th to the surprise of many. The visual album is an iTunes exclusive. When she released the unexpected album, the Internet went crazy.

She was able to keep the album a secret by not letting most of her crew know what she was doing. She had them shoot videos for the album and many had no idea what they were shooting the video for.

Since the digital age, it has been almost impossible for artists to prevent their albums from leaking weeks before the release. Beyoncé has managed to keep an entire album secret, including 17 music videos.

According to Billboard, Beyoncé has sold over 430,000 units in just a day. In the first three hours of the album's release, the artist sold 80,000 copies.

The visual album will be on its way to sell over 600,000 copies before the week ends.

Beyoncé has 14 new songs, with 17 videos including a bonus video for “Grown Woman,” which has been a popular, anticipated song since it was played during her Pepsi commercial and performed on her “Mrs. Carter Tour.”
If Beyoncé does sell 600,000 copies, this will be the artist’s best debut week.


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