'The Big Bang Theory' Recap: 'The Discovery Dissipation'

By Marissa Pessolano,

On this week’s Big Bang Theory, “The Discovery Dissipation,” Sheldon is on a radio station with Ira Flatow speaking about the element that he found by accident. Sheldon is embarrassed to be there and doesn’t like that his mistake is being referred to as the “wonder blunder.” The host says that he could end up with a Nobel Prize in Chemistry when he is a physicist. This further upsets Sheldon, so he gets up and leaves the show.

In the apartment, Sheldon expresses his feelings to Leonard, Penny and Amy. Amy brings over Will Wheaton to see Sheldon after she sees he is depressed and playing with trains in his room. Wheaton tells Sheldon about his experiences playing Wesley Crusher on Star Trek and how it was difficult when his character was unliked, and as a result, he also became unliked. He shows Sheldon that he too did something he wishes he hadn’t, and learned to embrace it and move past it.

Raj is staying a week with Howard and Bernadette, although Bernadette isn’t thrilled about the idea. Raj brings his dog, Cinnamon, along for the stay.

Sheldon tells the university president that he can expect excitement from him in future interviews about his discovery. Leonard comes home and notices that Sheldon is in a good mood. He then reveals that he was able to disprove the element he found. The Chinese researchers had faked the results. To Leonard’s surprise, Sheldon is very upset about this, since he decided to embrace the attention. He blames Leonard for this loss.

Leonard posts his findings as he feels obligated to report the discovery as someone would eventually. Sheldon retracts his paper and Kripke comes into Sheldon’s office to criticize him. Sheldon makes a remark about Kripke’s speech impediment, which hurts him, so he takes back the comment. Kripke responds happily saying, “Of course you do because you’re the retractor!”

Raj cooks, washes the dishes, gets coffee and chocolate, and packs Howard a lunch. This leads to Howard complaining about how Bernadette isn’t more like Raj, and Bernadette complaining that Howard isn’t more like Raj. They argue but then decide that Raj is the one causing the problems, so they kick him out.

Raj finds himself staying with Sheldon and Leonard. He tries to give advice to Penny and Leonard and Amy and Sheldon. When he crosses the line, Amy says that he should leave.

Sheldon goes back onto the radio show along with Leonard. Sheldon apologizes for his behavior from the last show. Flatow turns his attention over to Leonard, which bothers Sheldon, as he wants the attention. He starts to babble and then attacks Flatow saying he is ignoring him. Flatow then points out that he wasn’t even invited to the interview, he just decided to show up and he let him stay since he doesn’t like confrontation. Amy and Penny, who are listening to the show together, decide to turn the broadcast into a drinking game where they will drink every time one of them says something stupid.


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