Bill Gates donates cow on behalf of Reddit user for Secret Santa exchange

By Kyle Johnson,

A Reddit user got quite a shock when she learned that Microsoft chairman Bill Gates was her Secret Santa. He donated a cow to a family in need in the user's name through Heifer International.

According to BBC News, Gates also donated money to the charity program and sent the user, known as Rachel or NY1227, a stuffed cow and a National Geographic travel book.

Gates also sent along a picture of him holding the note and the stuffed cow to prove that the gift was the real deal.

ABC News reports that Rachel wrote about what she got in a post on Reddit.

Ahead of receiving the gift she knew that her Secret Santa was named Bill, but that was it. She wrote, "I had this whole image of a poor guy named Bill trying to navigate my wish list full of makeup, nail polish, glittery things to buy me."

She said it took awhile for her to realize that it was Gates who sent the gift as she looked over what she got. "And then it finally hit me," she said as she saw the picture. "All the presents I just tore open, the charity, then everything -- was from Bill GATES."

Rachel added, "PS: Sorry for the Apple ipad on my wish list, that was really awkward."

BBC News notes that Reddit's Secret Santa program is quite big, with over 44,000 people signing up in 2012.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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