Bombing of Egyptian police headquarters kills 15, wounding a hundred more

By Kyle Johnson,

On Tuesday, a bomb was detonated in the police station in the Nile Delta city of Mansoura in Egypt, leaving 15 people dead and over a hundred more hurt.

Officials have blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for the attacks as they come while security officials are working out a constitutional amendment as the country seeks to move on past Mohammed Morsi's removal from power, reports The Associated Press.

The Brotherhood claims that the government is merely trying to lay blame on them as the new government seeks to establish itself. People chanted outside of the city of Mansoura during the funeral for the 14 who died saying, "The people want to executed the Brotherhood."

Others held signs in the square that were pictures of Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi who currently holds the most power in Egypt.

According to The Washington Post, the bombing was caused by a car right outside of the police station. Eleven of those killed were police officers and the other four were civilians.

The car bomb managed to destroy part of the police station and a nearby bank's walls. A nearby shop owner, Ashraf Fateh Sayed, said of the result, "I came here last night and everything was on the ground."

He added, “It was chaos — there was looting. We are alive, but what can we do now?” His shop is only just a few yards away from the police station.


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