Bradley Cooper f**king loves John Milton and ‘Paradise Lost’

By Daniel S Levine,

In Bradley Cooper’s new interview with GQ magazine, the actor talked about some of the serious moments in his life, such as alcohol, drug abuse and contemplating suicide. However, the American Hustle star also showed off his academic side, declaring his absolute love for John Milton and Paradise Lost.

In the interview, writer Zach Baron recalls how Cooper “moved to something close to joy” when he talked about first reading Milton’s epic poem.

“Milton, bro? Milton. F**kin’—that was the end of it. Motherf**ker’s 57 or whatever, blind, dictating it to his f**king daughter-nurse— Paradise Lost?” Cooper said, notes AV Club. “I mean, I just couldn’t… That poem f**king killed me. Satan? That character was un-f**king-believable. I could taste him in my mouth, dude, reading that. I really, really, for some reason, connected with that poem.”

Cooper connected so much to the poem that he was supposed to star in a 3D epic film directed by Alex Proyas once. For those that need a refresher, back in 2011, Legendary Pictures was developing the film before budgetary concerns cropped up and the studio pulled the brakes. Maybe now that they know Cooper still loves the material, they could call him up about it. The posters would get to say “starring Oscar-nominated Bradley Cooper” now, after all.

Cooper also told GQ that he did his thesis on Lolita while at Georgetown. He was also moved to tears during a reading of Romeo and Juliet.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cooper spoke about how he thought about killing himself after his Alias character was killed and how he tried to sabotage his career before he finally hit it big with Wedding Crashers and later The Hangover.

Cooper can be seen in David O. Russell’s American Hustle this week.

image: GQ


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