Britney Spears experiences lowest chart debut with 'Britney Jean'

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Britney Spears has just released her latest album, Britney Jean, which features the hits "Work B*tch" and "Perfume." Jean was the lowest album debut for Spears since she started her career. Jean debuted at number four on the Billboard charts.

Billboard reported that her latest album sold over 107,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

MTV added that this is also the second studio album from Spears to not debut at #1 on the charts. Back in 2011 Femme Fatale debuted at #2 with only 276,000 albums sold.

Jean also marked the lowest first week total since Spears' 1999 debut, which only sold 121,000 in its first week out.

Spears' album did better on the iTunes charts, coming in second place.

Spears is about to start a tour in Las Vegas and has just released a new music video for her single, "Perfume." The four-minute long video as a high production feel to it and really feels like Spears going back to basics. Spears has not released a simple story line-driven video in a while and this change is refreshing for fans.

Watch "Perfume" here:

image: Wikimedia Commons


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