Britney Spears has thought about retiring

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

Britney Spears' I am Britney Jean documentary just aired Sunday night and she’s getting ready to start her two years at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, but the star is ready to slow down.

Spears told E! on Sunday that she has thought about retiring but doesn’t plan to go through with it at the moment, saying, “right now is my time to perform and doing what I'm doing."

Though Spears says she’s having fun performing, she did say that if she was to have another baby she’d probably head back to her home state of Louisiana. "I do miss Louisiana,” she said. “I miss the people. I miss the food. I miss the way of life, how everything is really simple. There's no traffic like there is in L.A. It's really nice."

Though if Spears does decide to retire one day, we probably won’t be done with the Spears family. Spears also told E! that her sons Sean Preston and Jayden will show up in Hollywood. Both kids are dancing and singing all over the place, obviously taking after their pop star mom and dancer dad, Kevin Federline.

Spears also revealed her thoughts on sex in the documentary.

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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