Britney Spears opens up about the biggest regret of her career

By Ashleigh Nicole,

Britney Spears' new album Britney Jean, which came out on Nov. 29, hits closer to home for the pop star because she reveals much about her personal life. It is Spears' eighth album to date but her first in two years.

While promoting the album, Spears talked to The Telegraph about her biggest regret of her career. Oddly enough, it was the show Britney and Kevin: Chaotic. Spears said, “I would never do something like that again. Actually, that was really bad. That was probably the worst thing I've done in my career."

There will be a documentary called I Am Britney Jean, airing Dec. 22 at 8 p.m. on E! Online reports. It will run for 90 minutes with rare interviews, unseen footage and more.

Spears has been receiving both positive and negative attention over this new album, though it has not deterred her from doing interviews worldwide to tell all and promote her music.

image: FOX


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