'Call of Duty' director signs on to direct next Lionsgate film

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Call of Duty live-action short director, Jeff Chan, is set to direct the latest drama from Lionsgate, which will tell the story of both firefighters and a rescue company in Detroit. The film will be framed very similarly to how End of Watch was created.

The script for the untitled project will be written by Sascha Penn. Penn is currently working on the sci-fi feature The Ditch and the upcoming April 29, 1992 which will be directed by Seith Mann.

Little is known about this upcoming project from Lionsgate but the movie will be filmed on location in Detroit, Mich., Deadline first reported.

According to Variety, before work can start on this project, Chan will complete work on his first full-length feature which will be a supernatural thriller, titled Grace.

Chan had a very unique rise to fame in the movie industry. He started by creating unauthorized spec commercials for Call of Duty that gained a massive following online. Following their success, the game maker, Activision, threatened to sue Chan because of copyright issues but after the strong response from the gaming community, Activision hired Chan to direct its first and only Call Of Duty short film.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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