Cartoon Network to air 'Powerpuff Girls' special featuring Ringo Starr

By Kyle Johnson,

Cartoon Network has announced that they will be airing a Powerpuff Girls special on Jan. 20 to coincide with the show's 15th anniversary and Ringo Starr has lent his voice to a character.

The special is called Dance Pantsed and will show the Powerpuff Girls in a new design, reports Entertainment Weekly. In addition, Ring Starr provides his voice for the character of Fibonacci Sequins, who is a flamboyant mathematician. He not only voices a character, but also will perform an original song and music video called "I Wish I Was A Powerpuff Girl."

According to Variety, Sequins will be kidnapped by villain Mojo Jojo, as well as a badger and an opera singer for his latest plans. With those three, he plans to steal Chemical X, which created the three girls, and take control of Townsville.

The Powerpuff Girls attempt to stop his evil plan, so Mojo Jojo uses a video he created called "Dance Pants R-EVILution" to control the three superheroes to do his bidding.

The original voice cast also returned for the special, including Tara Strong, E.G. Daily, Catherine Cavadini, Roger L. Jackson, Tom Kenny and Tom Kane.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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