CBS News correspondent John Miller leaves for New York Police Department

By Daniel S Levine,

CBS News correspondent John Miller is leaving the network to take a job in law enforcement. He will join the New York Police Department as a member of its counterterrorism unit.

Miller will be reuniting with William Bratton, who was the city’s police commissioner during the 1990s and will be returning to the job next month. CNN reports that it is not clear what Miller’s new title will be, but he is going to work in the counterterrorism department.

The journalist has only been at CBS News for the past two years. Between his jobs at networks, he has worked in law enforcement. He was the spokesman for Bratton in 1994, before heading to ABC News, then the Los Angeles Police Department to work for Bratton again. Then, he went to the FBI’s office of Director of National Intelligence, before joining CBS News in 2011.

CBS News president David Rhodes told CNN that Miller has “been really great for us,” adding that his contacts from previous positions helped make CBS News better. “John was the reason why we didn't go with the erroneous reports of an arrest in the Boston bombings,” Rhodes noted.

Miller has been criticized for getting too cozy with law enforcement. A recent 60 Minutes piece was slammed by media critics for being soft on the NSA, notes The NY Times.

“When you get a call and you get the chance to serve the largest city in the world, potentially the greatest terrorism threat in maybe the greatest police department in the world, it’s hard to say no,” Miller said Thursday on air.

Rhodes told CNN that they will be looking to replace Miller with new additions and that if he was ever interested in coming back, they would welcome him with open arms.

image: CNN


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