CDC says measles cases on the rise in U.S.

By Kyle Johnson,

Despite measles having been labeled as officially eliminated, cases have been on the rise this year.

There have already been 175 confirmed cases of the measles along with 20 that required hospitalization, USA Today reports. CDC Director Thomas Freiden said that number is three times as high as normal.

The problem is that people aren't vaccinated against measles. "This isn't the failure of a vaccine, it's the failure to vaccinate." Of those infected, 98 percent were unvaccinated.

The problem is mainly from visitors or those returning from trips abroad bringing measles back with them. According to CBS News, the CDC reported there were 158,000 deaths worldwide from measles.

"A measles outbreak anywhere is a risk everywhere," Frieden said. "The steady arrival of measles in the United States is a constant reminder that deadly diseases are testing our health security every day."

The term "eliminated" is used when there is no continuous disease transmission for over a year. A report in JAMA Pediatrics showed that measles was eliminated from 2000 through 2011.

A CDC report showed that 82 percent of people who came down with measles during September were not vaccinated, an additional 9 percent didn't know if they had been. So anti-vaccine views may also be impacting the rise in the cases of measles.


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