Celebrity Tweets: Grammys Nominations Edition

By Nina Vasiljevic,

Friday was all about the Grammy nominations and the celebs took to Twitter to express the array of emotions they have experienced when they heard of the wonderful news that they have a chance to go down in music history as “GRAMMY-nominated.”

Not everyone can be a winner, unfortunately and some of the stars will probably leave the Staples Center in Los Angeles grumbling. Still, only being nominated for a Grammy is kind of a big deal. No, actually, let me correct that - it is a huge deal.

Here are the reactions of your favorite celebrities when they have discovered that they are nominated. Some of them got to excited to breathe, some forgot to use proper grammar and some handled it very well.

Congratulations to everyone that was nominated! To those who were not- there’s still next year, and year after that, and year after that…

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards will be broadcast on CBS, Jan. 26 at 8/7c.

Let the countdown begin!


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