Celebrity Tweets: A Humorous Sunday December 29, 2013

By Amanda Jo Scott,

It was a humorous day on Twitter. Sundays always feel a bit on the weary side. You just want to be lazy, but there’s this constant nagging feeling of pesky ol’ Monday quickly approaching. Thankfully, some of our favorite celebrities allowed for a few hilarious moments to end this post-Christmas weekend. These are some of the lovely gems that really stuck out.

Maude Apatow tweeted about a funny little family moment…really, what does YOLO mean? No worries, Judd, generational gaps are certainly frustrating. Funny, yet oddly philosophical.

Rob Delaney was as humorous as always. Who doesn’t find a little happiness when a grapefruit is thrown at them?

A look into adolescence with Rob Delaney…

The Peeler: Michael Ian Black’s next action flick.

Patton Oswalt faced quite the dilemma.

Rainn Wilson asks the important questions in life.

Ricky Gervais bluntly reminded us not to make assumptions.

He then tugged at our heart strings with this..

Ron Perlman reminded us all of how lovely (and, quite possibly, addicting) Twitter can be.


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