Celebrity Tweets: Monday, December 30

By Amanda Ostuni,

With Monday Night Football and other television programs not airing today, the usual topics were missing from Twitter. Instead, there were early New Year's Eve well-wishings, birthday shout-outs, movie commentary and other tweets from celebrities on the social media platform used for anything from simple conversations and the most mundane things, to political debates and news reactions. Celebrities always have something to tweet and, most of the time, we love them for it.

Without further ado, here are the top tweets of Monday, December 30:

These stars wished people a happy New Year:

Keith Urban

Shay Mitchell

These stars gave a birthday shout-out to basketball star LeBron James:

Earvin Magic Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

Rainn Wilson tweeted about the new Hobbit movie

Andy Richter cracked a joke about David Spade

Wil Wheaton gave a simple shout out to his favorite basketball team

LL Cool J offered words of wisdom from a former president

Stephen Amell shared what he was up to

Tony Gonzalez commemorated his last season as an NFL player


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