Celebrity Tweets: Reactions for Beyoncé's surprise album release

By Nina Vasiljevic,

You have probably heard about Beyoncé’s new album that everybody’s raving about! If you haven’t, then turn on the TV, radio, surf the web or just log into your social media accounts and you will be showered with words of praise for Queen Bey’s latest musical accomplishment. Or just keep reading and find out what’s it all about.

On Friday morning, the singer released an unexpected self-titled, fifth-studio album or “The Visual Album," featuring 14 songs and 17 videos and is only available on iTunes. It has left nearly everyone speechless - celebrities, the media, people around the world, probably you reading this (or it will) and definitely me writing this.

Since the release, Twitter has been buzzing like a busy beehive with words of appreciation and amazement by the celebrities who seem like they have forgotten about their own careers, tours and events. So the musical/fashion/media worlds have dropped everything they have been doing just to take a moment to embrace and welcome Beyoncé’s new album. Yet again Bey is the queen in the musical beehive!


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