Chris Brown's probation revoked over October fight

By Kyle Johnson,

Chris Brown has had his probation revoked for a second time this year because of a fight he got into back in October.

Though his probation has been revoked, he isn't heading to jail just yet, CNN reports. The probation stems from beating up Rihanna.

Instead, Brown will continue with his rehab and return to court on February 10th for a hearing over whether or not he will serve any jail time once the rehab is over. The oft-troubled singer is currently enrolled in an anger-management rehab course.

Though he has been in rehab for less than a month, doctors at the rehab center insist he has been making improvements. "The clinical and medical team have witnessed very positive change in Mr. Brown since his psychotropic medications have been changed and he had been taken off medical marijuana," the program director commented.

According to The Associated Press, his probation was revoked for allegedly punching a man after he attempted to photograph Brown.

Also in October, Brown was ejected from a voluntary rehab program he entered after "breaking program rules by acting violently," which was the singer putting a rock through the window of his mother's car.

image: NBC


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