Christmas Day piranha attack injures 70 swimmers at Argintine river beach

By Amanda Stewart,

An attack by a pack of piranha led to more than 70 people being injured while bathing in the Parana River in Argentina on Christmas Day.

The 70 swimmers had multiple injuries including flesh being torn from their arms, legs, feet and their hands. Several children even lost fingers, according to the Associated Press.

ABC News reports that officials said there were thousands of people on the river beach Christmas Day because the temperature was well above 100 degrees. The rise in the heat can also possibly be the reason for piranha coming so close to shore.

According to The Times, five years ago there was a piranha attack in the same place from which 40 people suffered.

This brought back memories of a piranha attack that affected 100 bathers in Brazil in 2011, as well as a Bolivian fisherman committing suicide by throwing himself in a river known to be plagued with piranha.

A piranha’s bite is three times stronger than an alligator’s and is even more powerful than that of a great white shark.

The piranha attack did not affect visitors to the beach the following day. Swimmers were crowding the beach once again.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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