Coastal Mexican highway collapses

By Michelle Kapusta,

A coastal toll highway near the U.S.-Mexican border collapsed on Saturday.

According to the Associated Press, the collapse happened about 58 miles south of Tijuana. The road is often used by tourists traveling between the port city of Ensenada and Tijuana.

Some reports suggest the damage was caused by heavy rain and small earthquakes that occurred about 60 miles southeast of Ensenada on December 19, but it is uncertain if the events are connected. On its Facebook page, the Baja California Civil Protection services said the road is not in an area
where there is a fault line.

One of the holes created by the landslide was more than 40 feet deep and stretched 200 feet long, CNN reports.

Travel along the coastal highway has been suspended and the highway and will likely be closed for the next several weeks. Drivers are being directed to a toll-free road which is further inland.

Authorities said it could take up to a year to repair the damage.

There were no injuries to report as a result of the collapse.


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