Cops have identified Barron Hilton's assaulter and now he is fleeing the country

By Brenda Clemons,

The police have identified the person who punched Barron Hilton as New York resident Ray LeMoine. They are searching for him to ask a few questions but can’t find him. Rumor has it that he is fleeing the country and going to Cuba, where the Hiltons can’t get their hands on him.

TMZ has learned that the police have identified LeMoine as the one who punched Barron Hilton. His identification is based on eyewitness accounts. The police have been to LeMoine’s house to question him but have been unable to find him. Maybe it is because he is on a boat to Cuba.

New York Daily News quoted LeMoine as saying that he is scared of the Hiltons and is going to Cuba where they can’t get their hands on him. “Castro hates the Hiltons and took their Havana hotel in 1959 as a base after conquering Cuba, so they are stoked I’m coming down to hate capitalism.”

Meanwhile, the police want to speak to Lindsay Lohan to get her side of the story but have been unable to reach her at her hotel.

image: Michael Buckner/Image.net


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