Court-appointed doctor says teen is brain dead following tonsillectomy complications

By Kyle Johnson,

Dr. Paul Graham Fisher has said that after examining Jahi McMath, he feels she is brain dead following the tonsillectomy complications that occurred.

The 13-year-old went in for a tonsillectomy, but following the surgery went into cardiac arrest after continuing to bleed and has been determined three separate times to be brain dead, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The supervising doctor declared that there is no chance that Jahi could ever recover from being brain dead, a sentiment that is echoed by the Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland who want to take her off life-support, which the McMath family is fighting.

For the moment, the teenager remains on life support until Dec. 30, unless a court were to side with the hospital to remove her sooner.

Jahi's grandmother, Sandra Chatman said, "It's wrong for someone who made mistakes on your child to just call the coroner ... and not respect the family's feeling or rights." She added, "I know Jahi suffered, and it tears me up."

According to The Associated Press, the McMath family is seeking to have Paul Byrne also evaluate Jahi. The hospital's attorney has objected as Byrne is a pediatric professor and co-editor of Beyond Brain Death, but not a pediatric neurologist.

In a phone interview, Byrne believes that she could still be alive as the "ventilator won't work on a corpse," but wouldn't comment further until he had reviewed Jahi's medical files.

Children's Chief of Pediatrics Dr. David Durand has argued that Jahi won't come back as she is brain dead. "The ventilator cannot reverse the brain death that has occurred and it would be wrong to give false hope that Jahi will ever come back to life."


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