'The Crazy Ones' episode recap: 'The Intern'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on Simon asking Lauren to get a parking pass for the new intern. Her name is Kelsi Lasker and Andrew recognizes the name because Lasker Lunch Meats is one of the agency’s biggest accounts. Sydney thinks just because she’s the daughter of an important person doesn’t mean she isn’t worthy. Zach jokes that she’s “championing the over-privileged.” Lauren then says that Kelsi owns a Mercedes with the license plate “Princes$.”

Zach and Lauren go into the elevator together but she’s worried that everyone will know they’ve been sleeping together. Lauren then tells Zach that she wants more but not from him. He’s relieved. When they get off Lauren makes like they just bumped into each other. As soon as she walks away, Simon asks Zach how long he and Lauren have been sleeping together. He warns him to tread lightly with office romances. Simon then asks Sydney how the new intern is doing. She tells him that she’s late. Then, Kelsi [played by Ashley Tinsdale] arrives and says she was late because of her “roommate drama.” Lauren then tells everyone that the meeting with the non-alcoholic wine people is in five minutes.

In the meeting with the non-alcoholic wine execs, Simon and Sydney tell them about the “habit loop,” which is about people having a habit they want to break. Sydney tells the execs that their product is “an extremely easy sell because it’s a healthy alternative to a habit they already have.”

Meanwhile, Lauren and Zach are flirting with each other via eye contact. Then, Kelsi comes in to tell Sydney she has a phone call. She sees the wine and gets excited but disses it when she sees it’s fake. Sydney tells her to take a message to get rid of her but the execs want to hear her opinion on how to “make our product cool.” Simon tells them that she’s just an intern but Sydney says they should hear her opinion because she is their key demographic. Unfortunately, Kelsi just starts talking about her roommate problems which confuses the execs and horrifies the gang.

Zach suggests to Lauren that they go away for the weekend together. She declines saying he’s a habit she needs to break. When he walks away, Sydney comes over, says she overheard and asks where Lauren got the “willpower.” She says she realized she needed to break her “Zach habit” for something better for her. She then tells Sydney that she’s been meeting Andrew after work for coffee as friends and thinks she just needed “a cool guy to talk to.” Sydney asks if Andrew knows that she sees him as just a friend given he just broke up with Nancy and is vulnerable. Lauren is sure Andrew knows they’re just friends.

Simon and Sydney meet with Kelsi, who tells them that she knows she’s been screwing up. Sydney advises her to work on some things but Kelsi ignores her by texting, which Sydney mentions is something she needs to cut down on. Kelsi then says that it doesn’t matter how she does with the internship because her father will give her a job regardless, just like Simon gave Sydney her job. Sydney takes offense at her comment but Kelsi just laughs. Sydney then replies, “Listen you little twerking moron. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt but you and I are nothing alike. I earned this job and you don’t even try.” Kelsi then runs out. Sydney tried apologizing for going off on her but Kelsi tells her to “Go to hell” before giving her and Simon the finger as she goes down in the elevator.

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