'The Crazy Ones' episode recap - 'Models Love Magic'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on a group of Victoria's Secret models who are coming to the agency. Andrew doesn't see what the big deal is while Zach is nervous. As they walk off the elevator, Andrew, Lauren and Zach stare in awe. The security guard, Marvin, introduces himself as the "caretaker of this year's $10 million Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra." Lauren tells Andrew and Zach that she's always dreamed of wearing the Fantasy Bra. Marvin then says he'll "have a problem" with anyone who touches the bra other than him or the model wearing it, Adriana Lima. Then, Simon appears and puts the bra on his head. Marvin replies, "We're gonna have a problem."

Sydney and Gordon are pushing their pitch for Auntie Mary's Old-Fashioned Pecan Pies to their execs during which Gordon gets a text from his life partner, Timothy. The execs ask about his "little lady" and Gordon lies, much to Sydney's surprise. Gordon then tries to downplay the agency as "not out there,", which the execs are clearly looking for. All the while, Simon is doing "out there" things with the models. The execs then want to have lunch with Simon before giving the agency their account. Gordon and Sydney agree reluctantly.

Gordon and Sydney ask Simon to go to lunch with the Auntie May's execs but to tone himself down because they're "traditional." Simon maintains that "it's my colorfulness is what brings people to this agency." Gordon disagrees saying "not everyone because 30 percent of our clients prefer something boring and safe." Simon says he doesn't want clients who want them to change, but Gordon says they do because the brand is about to go national. Simon eventually agrees to "dial it down" for the execs.

Lauren helps Adriana get ready for the shoot, but leaves Lauren alone with the Fantasy Bra while she takes a cell phone call.

Meanwhile, Zach tries cozying up to the other models, but he's rebuffed. He tells Andrew that he doesn't understand what he's doing wrong. Andrew suggests another approach that still gets Zach turned down. Zach then tries singing and playing guitar for the models, but they continue to ignore him. Andrew tells him that "they see pretty boys like you all the time." Andrew then does a magic trick that wows the models. Zach is dumbfounded as Marvin tells him that, "models love magic." Sydney then announces that Simon has been called away so she'll be running the shoot. She tells them "not to be intimidated by me because I'm such a powerful woman because you are too..." Then, a model shoves a blouse at her and orders her to get her water at room temperature. Sydney then retreats to her office.

Then, Lauren motions for Zach and Andrew and shows them she's wearing the Fantasy Bra. She tells that she just wanted to try it on but now she can't get it off. Neither Andrew or Zach can get it off and then Sydney starts knocking on the door telling them to hurry up. Zach tells her to go away, which she does but says she'll be back in five minutes because they have to start shooting. Marvin then sees Lauren wearing the Fantasy Bra and says, "We're gonna have a problem."

Gordon and Simon meet the Auntie Mary's execs for lunch. Simon acts over the top with the restaurant's owner, which is upsetting the execs and Gordon moves to stop him. Gordon then leaves to take a call, warning Simon to tone it down.

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