Cutting gluten can positively affect the brain, claims doctor

By Amanda Stewart,

A new book shows that gluten may be directly linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, depression and ADHD.

Dr. David Perlmutter is promoting his PBS special Brain Change. The Atlantic reports that the special is based on Perlmutter’s best selling book, Grain Brain, about how gluten and carbs are affecting our brains.

The book offers up diet plans that could potentially prevent illnesses, like Alzheimer’s. Perlmutter suggests completely avoiding grains, though. We may think whole grain foods are the ones that are good for us, but they have been linked to dementia, epilepsy and several other diseases.

The reason that Perlmutter gives for this is that the carb surge that the body has after eating gluten or whole grain foods shoots your blood sugar up. The rapid increase in blood sugar can have a detrimental affect on the brain.

It is, however, pointed out on DietinReview.com that these claims have not yet been fully proven. There have been links drawn between gluten and memory loss, but the science has not been completely accepted everywhere.

Perlmutter challenges those who watch his PBS special by asking, if you could really prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia by cutting carbs and gluten (down to five percent), would you do it?


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