Disease-sniffing dog permitted in operating room

By Amanda Stewart,

Duke University Medical Center allowed a specially trained dog with its human handler in the operating room.

JJ, the trained terrier, was allowed into the operating room while his handler, 7-year-old Kaelyn “KK” Krawczyk underwent surgery on Wednesday. JJ has the ability to warn KK’s parents and her doctors when the young girl is about to have a reaction due to mastocytosis, reports The National Monitor.

Mastocytosis is a disorder that is caused when there are too many mast cells in the human body.

KK’s parents say that JJ is able to detect a change in KK before she has a reaction. Before they received the dog from Eyes, Ears, Nose and Paws, a nonprofit organization, KK needed all-night care.

According to the doctors at Duke, JJ was able to provide an extra warning for the doctors at the hospital while the 7-year-old underwent surgery.

The Science Recorder reported that this is the first time Duke has approved an animal to be in the operating room during a surgery.


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