Dolly Parton plans on renewing vows for her and Carl Dean's 50th wedding anniversary

By Daniel S Levine,

Country music legend Dolly Parton has a couple more years to go before she and husband Carl Dean celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, but the “9 to 5” singer already has a celebration in mind. She plans renewing their vows.

“We’ve talked about that — we might do it all over again!” she told Closer Weekly. “Another big wedding.”

They are still hoping to hold the party near their home so they can invite more friends and family. The wedding will “probably be at our big old plantation home. We love it there,” she said.

Dean isn’t really one to do publicity. Although they have been married since May 30, 1966, the two are rarely photographed together. According to E! Online, Parton was only 20-years-old at the time. They do not have any children.

Another reason why they would not want to have a wedding at an exotic locale is her husband. “Carl doesn’t like to fly,” Parton told Closer. He did like their trip to Hawaii a long, long time ago, but now, “He’s happy staying home and I’m happy traveling.”

Parton, now 67, announced earlier this month that her new album, Blue Smoke, will be released by Sony in the U.S. in May. She is also planning a world tour in support of the album.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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