'Duck Dynasty' patriarch Phil Robertson gives wife Miss Kay a wedding ring

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

After almost 50 years of marriage Miss Kay finally got some bling on her fingers.

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson married wife Kay in 1966 and now she’s finally getting a ring reports the NY Daily News. Their granddaughter Sadie Robertson posted a photo to Twitter along with the caption “After 50 years of marriage, Papaw Phil finally gave Mamaw Kay a wedding ring for Christmas.” The picture shows Kay and Phil lounging on the couch with Kay smiling big showing off her new bling.

The couple looks happy now but they have had some marriage troubles in the past. Miss Kay opened up in the documentary The Robertsons about Phil’s drinking problems and his adulterous ways according to the Daily Mail.

“The drinking got worse,” Miss Kay said. “And I knew then, but I didn't want to believe it - he was running around on me.”

She use to tell her boys that the man running around wasn’t their dad, but it was the devil inside their dad.

“I’ve been fighting for this marriage for a long time,” she added.

Phil Robertson is still suspended from the A&E reality show following controversy surrounding an interview he gave to GQ.

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