Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift get drinks at Framlingham pub

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift shocked a few bar-goers when they stopped into a pub in Framlingham to grab a few drinks.

The musical duo was spotted by a fan while they sipped on drinks at The Station in Framlingham, Suffolk.

A picture of Swift and Sheeran was tweeted out by a fan, which started the frenzy. The word quickly spread online, which led to fans from all over rushing to the pub to get a glimpse of Swift and Sheeran.

The bar manager, Chelsea Lydford, said that within a few minutes teenagers could be seen trying to see through the windows, BBC reported.

Lydford explains that the "A Team" singer is often seen at this local pub. "He often pops in for dinner with his family or friends - it's very relaxed and he just enjoys the atmosphere. He signed his recording contract and had his 21st birthday here. A lot of people know him here, so it's quite nice for him to come in and there are not swarms of people around him," said Lydford.

Express UK added that Framlingham is where Sheeran grew up, so he is well known in the area.

Swift and Sheeran have been good friends since he opened up for her on her Red tour and they recorded the single, "Everything Has Changed."

image: Wikimedia Commons


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