Faith Driven Consumer still want answers for Phil Robertson's suspension

By Kyle Johnson,

Despite getting what they want with the lifting of Phil Robertson's suspension from Duck Dynasty, advocacy group Faith Driven Consumer still isn't happy as it says the group has questions for A&E.

The family patriarch saw his suspension end on Friday as A&E has decided to continue filming with the whole family. In a statement, the network noted that it had talked with both the Robertsons and "numerous advocacy groups" about the issue and decide to reinstate him following his comments in GQ.

One problem that the Faith Driven Consumer group, who started the petition IStandWithPhil that got over 250,000 signatures, has with the decision is just who exactly the groups that A&E talked with were, reports TheWrap. Founder Chris Stone said, "We eagerly anticipate A&E's naming of those groups to ensure that our community was included."

He also said that he wondered if the network's core values of "creativity, inclusion, and mutual respect" include religions consumers. Stone noted, "we remain uncertain of A&E's true intent."

GLAAD seemed more accepting of Robertson's reinstatement, so long as he realized his remarks were inappropriate, especially in his comparison of gays and African-Americans. The group also hopes that A&E has not "chosen profits over African American and gay people."

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