'Family Guy' opening changes after the loss of Brian Griffin

By Chris Howcroft,

Two weeks ago, Family Guy shocked the world when the Griffin family’s beloved dog Brian was run over by a car and eventually passed away. The newest episode of Family Guy aired new opening credits featuring Vinnie, the newest member of the Griffin family. The Griffins adopted Vinnie in the episode “Life of Brian” after Brian passed away and he has been incorporated in the new Family Guy opening.

The episode featuring the death of Brian received a very large amount of anger towards the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane. Huffington Post mentions that MacFarlane also does the voice of Brian Griffin and within 24 hours of the episode, there was an online petition created, demanding that Brian Griffin be brought back to the show.

The new opening credits are exactly the same as the original credits. The only change is Vinnie is singing and dancing in the same exact spot that Brian used to. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the online petition to bring Brian back has already received 128,000 people demanding that FOX bring Brian back to the show.

Fans of the show should be happy because the online petition might be working better than they thought. Brian will be appearing in the December 15 episode of the show, in which the plot of the episode has been revealed that Stewie is devising a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas.

Photo Courtesy of: FOX


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