Farrah Fawcett portrait jury finds in favor of Ryan O'Neal

By Kyle Johnson,

Ryan O'Neal will be allowed to keep the Farrah Fawcett portrait that Andy Warhol did, a jury found on Thursday.

The jury voted 9-3 in favor of letting O'Neal keep the portrait, The Associated Press reports.

The court case was centered on whether or not the Warhol painting of his long-time partner was O'Neal's or her alma mater's, which she left all the rest of her artwork to in her will.

The University claimed that Fawcett owned the painting and had intended to give it to the school after her death as that's where Warhol painted the portrait during a session.

O'Neal claimed that she had always said one of the paintings was his and that he really didn't want to give it up as it was all he had left of her since her 2009 passing. He testified that, "I talk to it. I talk to her. It's her presence. Her presence in my life. In her son's life."

CNN reports that even though the jury wasn't unanimous in their findings, O'Neal only needed nine jurors to believe that his side of the story was credible. The actor was not present during the reading of the verdict.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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