'Fast and Furious' team releases tribute video to Paul Walker

By Meral Kathwari,

The Fast and Furious actors and producers have released a tribute video in honor of Paul Walker.

As previously reported, Walker passed away Saturday in a car crash. He was in a Porche when it hit a post and burst into flames. The driver of the vehicle, Roger Rodas, also died.

According to the LA Coronoer's Office autopsy report, the 40-year-old may have survived the car crash but died moments later but when the car burst into flames they couldn't survive the fire, CNN notes.

Security cameras on the building opposite from where the accident took place captured video suggests that the fire that engulfed the Porsche did not break out until about a minute after the car crashed.

Walker and Rodas were on their way back after attending a charity event, which Walker organized to benefit typhoon victims in the Philippines.

The actor is best known for playing undercover FBI agent and street racer Brian O'Conner in the Fast & Furious series.

A two-minute tribute of Walker's finest moments was posted at the Fast and Furious franchise's Facebook page.

Check out the emotional tribute below:

image: Facebook


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