FDA looks at antibacterial soaps

By Brenda Clemons,
Questions their effectiveness and safety

The FDA is looking into antibacterial soaps and is questioning whether or not they are effective and safe. According to the FDA, antibacterial soaps may not be any more effective than good old fashioned soap and water. They are also concerned that long term use of antibacterial soaps may not be safe.

According to CNN, the FDA has proposed a new rule that will require companies that manufacture antibacterial soaps to prove that their products are more effective than proper washing with regular soap and water. If not, then the products will need to be either relabeled or reformulated to stay on the market. The FDA is also concerned over research results that show long term use of the antibacterial ingredients in these products cause hormonal changes in lab rats.

The Huffington Post states that a study published in the Journal of Environmental Health revealed that only 5 percent of Americans properly wash their hands. The CDC claims that washing with soap and water for 20 seconds will kill germs just as well as antibacterial soap.


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