Five-year-old girl signs Christmas concert to her deaf parents (Video)

By Kyle Johnson,

Five-year-old Claire Koch decided to help out her deaf parents during her kindergarten holiday concert, including them into something they might have otherwise not enjoyed.

Claire's mother, Lori Koch told Yahoo News through email that it was a pleasant surprise for her daughter to sign the songs to them.

Claire's mother noted that while she can read lips, her husband is only able to do sign language, so their daughter was a big help.

"The regular kids used generic hand motions while my daughter chose to use sign language, to our surprise." Lori also joked that her 5-year-old is much better in her sign language than the interpreter that was at the Nelson Mandela memorial service.

According to New York Daily News, the Koch's talked further on the disgraceful interpreter. "It was obvious he was making things up," Lori told Fox 13, she noted that one obvious giveaway was that his hand gestures were obviously repeating.

Claire's father, Thomas Koch noted that the interpreter is "just totally deflating" as to him it shows that deaf people aren't worth the time and effort to get a legitimate interpreter.

image: YouTube screenshot


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