Foster Farms chicken linked to October salmonella outbreak

By Jessica Rae Pulver-Adell,

In October, a nation-wide salmonella outburst that is antibiotic-resistant sprung from Foster Farms chicken. Over 389 people in 23 states have been hospitalized.

USA Today reports that the salmonella levels in raw chicken on a national scale are high. Seven strains of salmonella have been linked to the contaminated poultry product. Forty percent have been hospitalized with salmonella as opposed to the common 20 percent hospitalization rate.

Foster Farms was also linked with a salmonella contamination in 2012, which infected at least 134 people in 13 states.

Food safety regulations are under fire as national food policies are incurring reevaluation. Three-hundred randomly selected chicken breasts tested positive for a myriad of pathogens, including organic brands. Salmonella and Campylobacter were the most common, according to Politico, as both cause food borne illness.

However E. Coli, including Entero and Klebisella, were also detected, but the USDA places no claims that these pathogens are food safety risks.

Americans consumed 83 pounds of chicken per person in 2013, according to the USDA.


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