Four U.S. military personnel freed from Libyan custody

By Kyle Johnson,

Four military personnel, who were taken into custody by the Libyan government Friday night, have been freed after only a few hours of detainment.

They were picked up while they were looking into possible future evacuation routes around the city of Sabratha, reports The Associated Press. They were near a checkpoint when a fight reportedly erupted.

The four military personnel then spent a few hours at the Ministry of the Interior before they were released. A Defense Department official has said the four men were not harmed during their detainment, and once they were freed, they were taken to the U.S. Embassy.

According to a Libyan security source, the men were in two cars when they were stopped, notes Reuters. One of the vehicles was found destroyed later. "Their car burned out," the source said. It supposedly happened after the four men were taken into custody.

As the situation is still being sorted out, people are hesitant to say more. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki noted, "We have a strategic partnership based on shared interests and our strong support for Libya's historic democratic transition."

Libya has not yet been willing to comment on the situation.


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