Frank Darabont talks 'Mob City' and his love of noir

By Kyle Johnson,

Frank Darabont's latest show Mob City debuts Wednesday and he opened up about how he came to do the show and what inspired him to make it.

Darabont spoke ahead of the show's premiere with Entertainment Weekly. He said that he wanted to do this show as a way to "write [his] noir hero. ... the guy who is walking the mean streets of a corrupt world and trying to maintain his moral compass."

When writing the role, Darabont immediately thought of former Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal, "it was written for him."

In addition to writing his noir hero, the show fits with his passion for noir as Darabont spoke about how he constantly rereads older noir works, like Raymond Chandler's novels. "I pull his books off the shelf and reread them every few years."

Darabont did admit that putting together Mob City wasn't the easiest thing ever people of it being a period piece as you have to keep everything within a TV production budget. But he adds, "You end up having a lot of conversations about ties and cars. That's the fun part."

Darabont also spoke with TV Guide about his love of noir and the inspiration for Mob City. He ran across a copy of the book L.A. Noir while in an airport and grabbed it to read, not realizing it was actually non-fiction. "I thought it might be short stories or something. ... I couldn't put it down for like two days."

Though stumbling across that book might have inspired him for his latest project, Darabont says that he has long been a fan of noir as he talked about loving the lighting style and "desperate dames, tough guys."

image: Doug Hyun/TNT


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