'Fruitvale Station' honored with Stanley Kramer Award from PGA

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The Producers Guild of America has decided to honor Fruitvale Station as the recipient of its 2014 Stanley Kramer Award, which given to a film that illuminates current social issues.

The film tells the story of Oscar Grant, who was shot by a police officer at an Oakland train station in 2009. Fruitvale Station it stars Michael B. Jordan, as Oscar Grant, Octavia Spencer and Kevin Durand.

Variety reports that the guild will present the award to the filmmakers on Jan. 19 during the Annual Producers Guild Awards.

Lori McCeary and Michael De Luca, co-chairs of the guild, spoke about the importance of a movie like Fruitvale Station.

"Fruitvale Station is an important film that raises awareness about an injustice that we encounter in the news with grim regularity. First time writer/director Ryan Coogler has captured the hearts and minds of both audiences and critics with his poignant portrayal of the true story of Oscar Grant. Fruitvale Station has well earned the honor of the 2014 Stanley Kramer Award," McCeary and De Luca said in a statement posted at Deadline.

Jordan was among the male actors who did not receive a nomination from the Golden Globes and Fruitvale Station was shut out of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, added Mercury News.

image: The Weinstein Company


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