'General Hospital' weekly recap – 12/2-12/6

By Sari N. Kent,

Robin made it to the church and revealed herself to Patrick, Sabrina, Emma and all the other guests at the wedding, Luke rescued Bobbie from Jerry but Jerry got away yet again, it looked like Robert and Anna killed Faison to keep him from ever hurting their family ever again, Duke learned Derek’s true identity and Maxie contemplated suicide until Robin revealed herself as being alive.

Robin rushed into the church but paused at the door as Lucy began the ceremony. Patrick and Sabrina gazed into each other's eyes. Lucy invited anyone who believed that the two of them should not be married to speak now or forever hold their peace. She questioned that no one had anything to say and Max quipped that Richard Simmons must have had other things to do. Lucy asked him not to tempt fate and continued with the ceremony. Mac read the meaning of love from Corinthians as Felix stole a glance at Brad and Patrick and Sabrina whispered, "I love you." Robin wiped her tears away at the door.

Sabrina and Patrick were then told to exchange their vows. Sabrina started and admitted to being the ordinary girl who had finally met her prince. She thanked him for giving her so much, including a family. She then looked lovingly at Emma and admitted to having found her happy ending. Robin shook her head as Sabrina confessed that she'd always love Patrick. Patrick began his vows saying that he never saw her as ordinary and thought he was just blind. He then added that he was thankful to Sabrina for giving him his life back and guiding Emma when she needed it.

Then, Lucy asked for the rings and Elizabeth searched frantically in her purse until Felix handed them over. Patrick and Sabrina then put them on. Lucy then invited Emma to light a third candle to symbolize their new family and Epiphany sang before telling Patrick, "Knock them dead, Drake Jr." The ceremony continued with Sabrina saying, "I do." Lucy reminded Patrick that it was his turn and he said, "I do." Lucy was about to announce they were man and wife when Emma saw Robin in the back of the church, yelled "Mommy," and runs to her. Patrick looked floored as everyone’s heads turned toward the back of the church.

Britt apologized to Nikolas at Wyndemere as she tended to his wounds. She told him how glad she was that he was found and that this was almost over. He was surprised she was eager to get back to General Hospital and considered making her a better offer. She promised to be his concierge doctor and told him how grateful she was for all he had done for her. He kissed her after telling her she wouldn't ever have to find out what life would be like without him. After he called to check on Spencer and Ben, he asked Britt when she wanted to go pick them up in the morning. Britt regretted that Spencer had to be kept from his family and was touched he cared so much for his son. Nikolas replied that he didn’t know how Brad couldn’t care for Ben at all. Britt then confesses that Brad wasn’t Ben's father. Nikolas was confused and Britt backpedaled and said that she doesn’t think of Brad as Ben's father and that it was just an arrangement…end of story. He apologized and confessed that she meant a lot to him. He wanted her to spend the night with him and didn’t expect them to have sex.. They just laid down together, spooning. Later, Britt woke up startled and he reminded her that things were over.

Outside, Luke answered Bobbie's call but was surprised when Jerry replied back to him. He promised not to hurt Bobbie but wanted to talk terms. Jerry wanted the cure but Luke told him that he was saving it for Sean. Jerry then threatened that Bobbie could suffer if Luke didn’t listen carefully.

In the stables, Anna wanted her and Robert to finish it and kill Faison. Robert wanted her to think first. She replied that she had, ever since she found out what he did to Robin. She told Robert that it was never going to be over because he’d escape from any prison they send him and go after them again. Anna then said that the only way she could be sure was if they ended Faison now. Robert tried to calm her but she worried about Faison doing this again and next time, hurting Emma. Robert said that he didn’t want Faison to hurt anyone else and agreed that he'd always be a threat but he wasn’t ready to commit cold-blooded murder. He then asked Anna if she could live with herself or look at her family if she killed him. She said she could if she knew her family was safe and asked Robert if he could live with himself and if he couldn't handle it, he should leave. Robert stepped out but returned before she shot Faison. He then told Anna, “If we’re going to do this, we’ll do it together.” They then both point their guns at Faison. Later, Robert told Anna that she was right. Faison would have never stayed behind bars and believed they did the right thing.

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