'General Hospital' weekly recap – Week of 12/16-12/21

By Sari N. Kent,

Julian asked Bobbie who Lucas was when they came face-to-face, Luke and Bobbie thought about their late Aunt Ruby, Spinelli came to see Maxie, let her hold Connie and suggested they change the baby’s name to Georgie before leaving town with Ellie and a shootout took place at Sonny’s warehouse!

At GH, Brad agreed to don Felix's elf costume so Felix could be Santa since Spinelli bailed at the last minute. Even though that wasn't what Brad meant when he said he wanted to get in Felix's pants he said he’d do it for the kids. Felix paused before dressing as Santa in front of Brad, but Brad thought they should hurry. In the lab, Ellie told Dante and Lulu that their embryos were gone. Dante tried to figure out what happened and Ellie explained lab protocol and that Britt was the only other person who would have had access. Then, Dante called Britt and left her a message. After that, Ellie recommended that they check with Brad as well before saying goodbye. Then, Dante and Lulu left and asked to speak with Brad alone. Felix left and they asked what Brad knew about their missing embryos.

At the gym, Sonny was disappointed when Duke didn't accept his deal to take down Julian with him. He said he wasn’t prepared to lose Anna, wished Sonny luck and told him that he hoped the Jeromes get everything they deserve. They then shook hands and Duke left. Then, Julian arrived and pointed a gun at Sonny while Duke peeked from around the corner. Julian demanded to know where Carlos was and threatened to take Sonny out if he didn’t tell him. Sonny wasn’t scared knowing Julian would be at the top of the suspect list if anything happened to him. Julian told Sonny that he wasn’t afraid of anyone at the PCPD and would have no problem taking out Dante or Anna. He then told Sonny that there would be blood to pay if Carlos wasn't returned soon. After Julian was gone, Duke returned and told Sonny that he heard Julian threaten Anna and decided he was in. Sonny replied that he knew he could count on Duke but asked about Anna. Duke thought that what Anna didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

At the PCPD, Anna interrogated Obrecht, who wasn’t interested in giving Anna any information and wrote, "Not without my phone call" on the legal pad. Anna wondered who Obrecht would call and she answered, "Faison." Anna didn't understand why she wanted to talk to him after all he’d done to her. Obrecht replied that she didn't expect Anna to understand her love for Faison and demanded to talk to him. Anna knew she couldn't but gave her the phone so she could waste her phone call. Outside interrogation, Anna left Robert a message that no matter what happened, their secret would go with them to their graves.

Maxie closed her door on Spinelli and Connie and yelled at him to go home. Spinelli then told her that he was leaving with Ellie tonight and said if Maxie didn't open the door now they'd both regret it for the rest of their lives. She told Spinelli that she thought they would have more time and opened the door. Spinelli made her hold Connie and promised it wouldn't be the last time Maxie would see her. They both then agreed that Connie looked so much like Georgie. Spinelli then asked Maxie if it would be okay to rename the baby to Georgie since she was the one that brought them together. He then confessed she was the first girl he ever loved. They then both admitted they still loved each other and kissed with the baby between them. Maxie then told Spinelli that she knew it was a goodbye kiss but wondered what might have been. Spinelli replied that he knew she'd always have a piece of his heart, and his friendship. She asked him not to forget about her and he promised he wouldn't. Ellie arrived and Maxie gave Spinelli her and Georgie's baby ornaments. He made her keep one for when she was with Georgie for Christmas. He kissed her and said, "Goodbye, my Maximista." Alone, Maxie cried holding the ornament.

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