'General Hospital' weekly recap – Week of 12/23-12/27

By Sari N. Kent,
Patrick told Sabrina that he was choosing Robin, Carlos went to Sabrina for help after Sonny shot him at the warehouse, Max was taken to GH after Morgan accidentally shot him, Lulu and Dante asked Britt to be their doctor for their second try at having a baby and Maxie told her loved ones that she was leaving town for a while

At the apartment, Sabrina gave Patrick his gift and explained she was taking Felix's advice to not jump to conclusions since he hadn't made his decision yet. He replied that he didn't realize she'd be alone and admitted it was why he was there. Sabrina then said that she knew he needed time and that she made a vow to stick with him. He wanted her to remember he also made a vow to stick with her too but it wouldn't take away the hurt. She then asked him if he was going back to Robin and he confirmed that he was. He then told her that he loved her and all she had done for him and Emma, but Robin was his wife and the mother of his child. She asked him not to keep saying he was sorry. He replied that he didn't know what else to do to make it okay and hoped she could forgive him someday. Sabrina then said it was time for them to say goodbye. They hugged and she gave him the rings back.

At home, Robin hugged Robert who was dressed as Santa. He saw she wasn’t in the holiday spirit. She then told him that she was giving Patrick time. Emma knew that Santa was Robert and opened his present of a didgeridoo. He taught her how to use it while Duke texted Sonny that Anna was on her way to the warehouse since she was alerted to the shooting. Later, Patrick arrived after everyone had left to say he was where he belonged for good. He then told her, “If you'll have me, I want you back.” She joyfully replied, "Of course I will."

Carlos was holding TJ hostage when Julian and Morgan arrived at the warehouse. Julian wouldn't leave without Carlos and shot first. TJ scrambled out of the way while Carlos knocked out Max. Shawn covered TJ after Sonny's warning before he shot Carlos. Carlos escaped out the back and Shawn got TJ out at Sonny's request. Julian ran out of bullets and yelled to Morgan to shoot Sonny as they faced-off. Sonny said he wouldn't point a gun at his son and warned Morgan that he wouldn't be able to live with shooting his father. Then, Morgan got startled and shot Max when he came around the corner. He then dropped the gun and Sonny went to Max's side. Morgan then started screaming that he didn't mean it. Sonny asked him to prove it and to put pressure on Max's wound. Julian then yelled, "It's now or never, Morgan!" Morgan then ran off with Julian while Sonny called 911. Meanwhile, Max kept saying, "Morgan shot me." Later, Anna arrived and Sonny lied saying he shot Max by accident when she asked but Anna saw all of the shell casings and then read Sonny his rights.


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